Monstrous Garage Condominiums

Monstore Garages - Now Invading Palm Springs - We Don't Do Small By Mary Ann Azevedo May 30th, 2018 - By Mary Ann Azevedo May 30th, 2018 - The recreational vehicle industry is booming as the trend toward urbanization continues across the United States—and owners are running out of places to stash them.

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Mobile RV By Andrew Malo, May 28th, 2018

The garages are incredible - a word that is not generally associated with a storage unit. Beyond the basics, like a covered shelter for any size RV, they have everything. Basically the only thing one cannot do in their RV condos is live in them. They have full electric hookups.

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Hooper RV

RV Storage Condos are the greatest. I own two units, one in Colorado, and another in California. Both have exceeded my expectations, both in value and utility. The California location has appreciated about 40% in the last two years, and the Colorado location has gone up about 70%, but I have owned that one for 5 years.

Bob Taylor

I don't know much about this place except what I read on the web. I went by there yesterday, and met up with Ted. He showed me around and explained the various features and amenities. I will be a buyer on June 1st when the next phase is released. I think this is a great idea

Dave B

Owning your storage is not lavish. I’m just a regular person with a very regular income. I was paying $65/month to store my RV on a gravel lot. I hate leaving vehicles sitting outside and went through several RV covers trying to keep mine reasonably nice. I too bought a storage unit in California and frankly it wasn’t all that much courtesy of the recession. It has doubled in value. .

Cathy and Fred

We purchased a unit from Ted Deits 7 years ago. It has gone up in value by 50%. We just bought it to store our 40 ft class A coach and never planned on such a return if we were to sell it.
Our coach is always clean and ready to go. We go and work on it whenever we want. We are only 45 miles from it and don’t have to store it in our yard. It is secure and not in some storage yard exposed to the elements.


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Near Everything

Home Depot - 1.7 Miles
Wet "N" Wild Water Park 1.7 Miles
Downtown Palm Springs - 3.7 Miles

70,00 sq. ft. + sq.ft. of Monsterous Garages

We are currently under construction of over 70,000 sq. ft of monstrous Garage Condominiums. We are 72% sold.

Designed for RV and Car Collectors

Super wide drives, and huge air craft hanger style doors, spanning the entire width of your garage will all be included for easy access, along with ample available power.

Your Way - The Only Way

You own it so you can customize it to your liking. All garages will be plumbed for bathrooms and structured for Mezzanines.

Deliverable Soon

We are expecting completion this fall, as construction is about 80% completed. You can see updated contstruction video HERE

Palm Springs Monstore Garages

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It is all about you

Sales or Information - 760-318-1110

Tax Advantages (Cost Segregation) Before diving into Garage Condominium ownership, there are some little known tax benefits lurking out there that are fairly new and worth exploring. Cost-segregation is notable and can provide significant tax savings with accellerated first year depreciation. Read the full article here ---->

Investment – The storage condominium concept is all about investment, and converting the dollars you currently spend on storage rentals, into asset class investments. You probably own your home, but you could have simply rented your home. After all, it was easier, cheaper and probably faster. But you opted to purchase your home. Why? Well, the appreciation is one reason, tax benefits are another, and certainly, the security of ownership has no equal. It’s yours. Storage condominiums are no different. All of the above still apply. Take the first step in investing in storage rather than divesting your money on rent.

Personalization- Since you own your Monstore Garage, the fun it just starting. You can customize your garage in any way you chose. Paint, flooring, mezzanines, lighting, wall treatments, car lifts, air conditioning, pretty much whatever you desire. Make it a “Man Cave”, or a “She Shack”, or a “Person Palace”, just to be P.C. After all, it is yours to do with what you want.

Convenience Access is 24 x 7 so you can come and go as you please. Stay and tinker, polish, organize, wrench whatever you desire. Each garage has its own power, so you can pretty much power any tool, machine or personal creation. There are no hours, no landlords, just friendly neighbors all looking out for each other. You will not find that in rental facilities with a transient clientele.

Turn the dollars you spend on rentals into an asset class investment.

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About Monstore Garages, Palm Springs

Sales or Information - 760-318-1110

Designed and built by two seasoned builders of both Self Storage and Garage Condominums. This will be our third garage condominum property, and everything we have learned along the way, will assure you of a qualtiy, feature packed property.

Construction is well on its way, with completion this fall. We are currently about 78% sold out (September, 2019). Please use the form to the right to receive updates on construction progress about once per week. You can unsubscribe at anytime with just one click.

Updated Construction Video 12-1-2019