Monstrous Garage Condominiums
The Project

Monstore Garages
Monstrous Garage Condominiums

Owned Garage Condominiums

Huge private garages for the storage and refinement of high value vehicles.

monstore garages

Resort Inspired

Highly secure storage which allows for interior customization to your taste. Modern clubhouse for your enjoyment.

monstore garages

Unique Huge Doors

Monstrous garage doors that spans the width of your garage up to 40' in width. Unique to Monstore Garages.

Privately Owned Garage Condominiums

The Concept

Private, individually owned Garage Condominiums are challenging the traditional norm of rental self storage. In a world where it is becoming more difficult to find enclosed storage for your vehicles, the far greater challenge is controlling your costs and coordinating access to your garage based on someone's posted hours. Pirvate ownership avoids all the above pitfalls giving you freedom, access, and control.

Controlling Costs

The prospect of owning your garage offers many benefits such as anytime access, fixed predictable costs, tax benefits, and the possibility of asset appreciation, none of which is available in the self storage rental world.

Asset Growth

By owning your garage condominium, you now have the opportunity for asset growth, while turning the dollars you spent on rental storage into a real solid asset growth strategy.

Tax Benefits

There are some surpising tax benefits for garage condominium ownership. There is a little known tax advantage called "Cost Segregation", that allows for significant year one depreciation of your garage, which can be up to 25% of the purchase price. We have several articles on this topic HERE

Your Way, Not Their Way

Since you own your garage, you are free to build it out in most any way you please. Lofts, mezzanines, floor treatments, car lifts, wall treatments are all within your reach, limited by only your imagination.

What people are saying - By Mary Ann Azevedo May 30th, 2018 - By Mary Ann Azevedo May 30th, 2018 - The recreational vehicle industry is booming as the trend toward urbanization continues across the United States—and owners are running out of places to stash them.

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Mobile RV By Andrew Malo, May 28th, 2018

The garages are incredible - a word that is not generally associated with a storage unit. Beyond the basics, like a covered shelter for any size RV, they have everything. Basically the only thing one cannot do in their RV condos is live in them. They have full electric hookups.

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Hooper RV

RV Storage Condos are the greatest. I own two units, one in Colorado, and another in California. Both have exceeded my expectations, both in value and utility. The California location has appreciated about 40% in the last two years, and the Colorado location has gone up about 70%, but I have owned that one for 5 years.

Bob Taylor

I don't know much about this place except what I read on the web. I went by there yesterday, and met up with Ted. He showed me around and explained the various features and amenities. I will be a buyer on June 1st when the next phase is released. I think this is a great idea

Dave B

Owning your storage is not lavish. I’m just a regular person with a very regular income. I was paying $65/month to store my RV on a gravel lot. I hate leaving vehicles sitting outside and went through several RV covers trying to keep mine reasonably nice. I too bought a storage unit in California and frankly it wasn’t all that much courtesy of the recession. It has doubled in value. .

Cathy and Fred

We purchased a unit from Ted Deits 7 years ago. It has gone up in value by 50%. We just bought it to store our 40 ft class A coach and never planned on such a return if we were to sell it.
Our coach is always clean and ready to go. We go and work on it whenever we want. We are only 45 miles from it and don’t have to store it in our yard. It is secure and not in some storage yard exposed to the elements.