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Offering Garage Condos

Convenient Storage You Own, On the Way to Glamis

Gone are the days of endless rent payments and consistent rent increases. Monstore Garages is now offering Garage Condos with full ownership. These are not leases or timeshares. These are Fee Simple ownership. You receive title insurance and a Deed. Control your costs. Own for less than rentals

Turn your rental dollars into an asset class investment.
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  1. Owned Garage Condominiums

    Private, individually owned Garage Condominiums are challenging the traditional norm of rental self storage. In a world where it's becoming more difficult to find enclosed storage for your vehicles, the far greater challenge is controlling your costs and coordinating access to your garage based on someone's posted hours. Private ownership avoids all the above pitfalls giving you freedom, anytime access, and control.

    No more looking over your shoulder or wondering if you will make it before closing hours. When you own your own Garage Condo, there are no hours. You are in charge.

    Now you can benefit from appreciating real estate, just like your landlord did using YOUR money. Find Out More

  2. Ownership Do as You Please

    Since you own your garage, you are free to build it out in most any way you please. Lofts, mezzanines, floor treatments, car lifts, wall treatments are all within your reach, limited only by your imagination. Wrench, tinker, repair. It's yours to do as you please.

    Now not only you can enjoy the utility of a large private workshop, but you now can also benefit from real estate appreciation.

    Previous projects we have built have enjoyed over 10% per year appreciation in recent years. Garages that come up for resale generally sell within hours. What is your rate of return on a rental? That's right, zero.

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  3. Pre Construction

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People are talking
Garage Condos Are The Rage

It's not surprising. With the limitied supply of enclosed storage in California and other areas, people are opting to purchase their storage. Garage Condos are an asset class investment, with a demonstrated pattern and history of significant appreciation Garage Sizes and Amenities Mary Ann Azevedo

The recreational vehicle industry is booming as the trend toward urbanization continues across the United States and owners are running out of places to stash them.
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Mobile RV Andrew Malo

The garages are incredible - a word that is not generally associated with a storage unit. Beyond the basics, like a covered shelter for any size RV, they have everything. Basically the only thing one cannot do in their RV condos is live in them. They have full electric hookups.
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Dave Not For The Rich - For The Smart

Owning your storage is not lavish. I’m just a regular person with a very regular income. I was paying $65/month to store my RV on a gravel lot. I hate leaving vehicles sitting outside and went through several RV covers trying to keep mine reasonably nice. I too bought a storage unit in California and frankly it wasn’t all that much courtesy of the recession. It has doubled in value.
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