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Waking The Monster


Private, individually owned Garage Condominiums are challenging the traditional norm of rental self storage. In a world where it is becoming more difficult to find enclosed storage for your vehicles, the far greater challenge is controlling your costs and coordinating access to your garage based on someone's posted hours. Pirvate ownership avoids all the above pitfalls giving you freedom, access, and control.


There are some surpising tax benefits for garage condominium ownership. There is a little known tax advantage called "Cost Segregation", that allows for significant year one depreciation of your garage, which can be up to 25% of the purchase price. We have several articles on this topic HERE

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Private, Secured Garages Suited for Many Uses

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While this concept is new, it is gaining acceptance nation wide as an alternative to the typical Self Storage rental model. Self storage is great and it does has its place in this world, but the main problem is self storage generally only has smaller units, designed for household storage. When you try to store a car or a large vehicle like an RV, there are few alternatives. .

Controlled Costs

The other issue is with Self Storage, your monthly costs generally escalate with little to no control on your part. That is a problem. Further, access hours and what you can actually do with your rental unit are very limited.

The Solution

These are problems we identified and solved with the creation of Storage Condominiums. Each unit is privately owned, very similar to a single family home. You get a Deed, title insurance, and transactions are handled through a title or escrow company. Access is generally 24 hours a day, and your unit usage is generally unrestricted, with just some common sense restrictions. .

Owning "ROCKS"

The best part is you are insulated from continuing rental rate increases, and you can enjoy value appreciation while at the same time, reducing your monthly costs.

Since you own your unit, you can improve it pretty much any way you wish. Add a loft, wet bar, epoxy or tile flooring, internet, TV, furniture and the list goes on. Storage condominiums fill the gap between Self Storage and full warehouses. Think of them as a personal warehouse, without the warehouse cost.

A Few Words from

Our Existing Owners

We purchased a unit from Ted Deits 7 years ago. It has gone up in value by 50%. We just bought it to store our 40 ft class A coach and never planned on such a return if we were to sell it. Our coach is always clean and ready to go. We go and work on it whenever we want. We are only 45 miles from it and don’t have to store it in our yard. It is secure and not in some storage yard exposed to the elements. Fred and Cathy Clients
RV Storage Condos are the greatest. I own two units, one in Colorado, and another in California. Both have exceeded my expectations, both in value and utility. The California location has appreciated about 40% in the last two years, and the Colorado location has gone up about 70%, but I have owned that one for 5 years. Hooper, Client
Best value for the price anywhere in the Socal, Arizona, Nevada area! The 71' wide all concrete driveways and the 100' long wash rack is simply unparalleled in the industry. As if 24 hour alarm (fire and burgler with email notifications) with remote viewing isn't enough the real jewel here is the Clubhouse which you have to see to believe! Picture a Beverly Hills Starbucks on steroids and your starting to get the idea. Very happy I bought here before they were sold out!!! Fred, Client