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Various reveiws gathered about both MonSTORE Garages and Eucalyptus at Beaumont

Monstore Garages review
From Sparefoot.com

Featured Review

Sparefoot.com - By Mary Ann Azevedo May 30th, 2018 - The recreational vehicle industry is booming as the trend toward urbanization continues across the United States—and owners are running out of places to stash them.

RV shipments (or new RV sales) for 2017 surged 17.2 percent to a record 504,599 units, marking the eighth consecutive years of wholesale shipments growth, according to the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association.

Increased RV ownership has led to the problem of a lack of adequate storage for the vehicles. Read more---->

Monstore Garages review
From Mobile RV

Featured Review

Mobile RV - By Andrew Malo, May 28th, 2018 - The garages are incredible - a word that is not generally associated with a storage unit. Beyond the basics, like a covered shelter for any size RV, they have everything. Basically the only thing one cannot do in their RV condos is live in them. They have full electric hookups.

Beyond that, the garages can be used for working on vehicles. As stated in the FAQ section, Deits writes, "Yes, without question to people asking if the garage can be used for maintenance. In designing these units, I had that purpose in mind. I live in a Condominium project, and there are stiff restrictions on using your garage for anything but parking a car in it. How nice, I thought, if I could create a space for people like myself, to go in and tinker with my car, boat, RV, motorhome, camper, etc." Read more---->

Monstore Garages review
From Google Reviews

HooperRV - RV Storage Condos are the greatest. I own two units, one in Colorado, and another in California. Both have exceeded my expectations, both in value and utility. The California location has appreciated about 40% in the last two years, and the Colorado location has gone up about 70%, but I have owned that one for 5 years. I have recently rented out my California garage, and it only took one day to fine a quality tenant. The rental rate nets me about a 7% return. There is no maintenance. There is nothing in the garage that requires any attention, unlike a residential rental. No carpets, no plumbing, no painting what so ever between tenants. They are pretty much bullet proof. I have a reservation with this project. I am so impressed with this property, and especially like the fact this is their 2nd project. No newbie builders here. They have it down.

Monstore Garages review
From Google Reviews

Bob Taylor - I don't know much about this place except what I read on the web. I went by there yesterday, and met up with Ted. He showed me around and explained the various features and amenities. I will be a buyer on June 1st when the next phase is released. I think this is a great idea.

Monstore Garages review
From Google Reviews

Cyber Kahuna -While not finished with construction this is going to be a first class facility. The garages are huge and from what I can tell, rich with features. There are very few of these in California. With inside storage so hard to find, I think these will be a great investment. I think this is a great idea.

From RV Travel Comments

Dave B -Owning your storage is not lavish. I’m just a regular person with a very regular income. I was paying $65/month to store my RV on a gravel lot. I hate leaving vehicles sitting outside and went through several RV covers trying to keep mine reasonably nice. I too bought a storage unit in California and frankly it wasn’t all that much courtesy of the recession. It has doubled in value.

From RV Travel Comments

Bob G -It’s an investment for most of those early buyers. Here in Denver their are many of these available, and I have owned 2, and made $$ on each one. Viewed that way it is free storage for your RV AND a nice tidy profit when you sell.

From RV Travel Comments

Tony D-I am one of the original owners of a storage condo project in California. Probably the first one built in California.

To store one RV the cost is $97,500. (13 x 50). In California the same size unit rents for north of $500 per month in this area.

To purchase a garage costs $475 per month. $20k down.

My first garage has doubled in value since I purchased 7 years ago. If I had rented for say $400 per month for 7 years, my cost would be over $33,000. As it stands today , if I sold my garage, I would put about $35,000 in my pocket above and beyond the original purchase cost.

From RV Travel Comments

Cathy and Fred- We purchased a unit from Ted Deits 7 years ago. It has gone up in value by 50%. We just bought it to store our 40 ft class A coach and never planned on such a return if we were to sell it.

Our coach is always clean and ready to go. We go and work on it whenever we want. We are only 45 miles from it and don’t have to store it in our yard. It is secure and not in some storage yard exposed to the elements.

In California, Palm Springs in particular, storing anything outside will cause damage, be it the sun, excessive heat, wind, or sand! We are more then happy we made the investment! We would do it all again and have sent many people to see any of the resales.

Monstore Garages - Palm Springs

Owned Garage Condominiums

Sales or Information - 760-318-1110

Garage Sizes from 650 - 5400 sq ft

The concept of Storage Condominiums, or Garage Condominiums is gaining popularity very quickly. While initially, the concept was dismissed as a "passing fancy" by some, the overall majority have now embraced the concept as viable, filling the gap self storage has long ignored - large units.

As an investment, they have proven their worth there too. Units I sold five years ago, at Eucalyptus at Beaumont have appreciated about 50% or more in value. While this type of return is not typical, and we certainly cannot assure you of such great returns, the fact is, it did happen. As a rental, there is none better. High rate of return, solid concrete floors, no repainting of the interior. Steel and concrete makes these units as bullet proof as possible.

MonSTORE Garages in Palm Springs has taken it to the next level. Not only are we providing Garage Condominiums, but we have increased the size of the garages to what almost approaches a warehouse. That is what those with large car collections or large vehicles have been asking for.

If I had a dollar for each time my clients said "I should have bought a bigger garage". I've heard it time and time again. Now is your chance to actually purchase that bigger garage.

Turn the dollars you spend on rentals into an asset class investment.

Project Features -

Sales or Information - 760-318-1110
  • Full garage width aircraft style bi-fold doors with man door (See video below)

  • 24 x 7 Access

  • Duplex outlets (20 amp)

  • Plumbed for half baths in most garages

  • 60' wide approach

  • Insulation

  • Fire sprinklers

  • 4000 psi concrete flooring

  • Red iron steel structure

  • Pre wired for internet and security

  • Security cameras

  • From 650 to 5400 sq ft

  • 100 amps in each unit

  • Full lighting package

  • Automatic doors

  • All concrete drives

  • Security

  • Next to Palm Springs airport

  • Security gates

  • Centrally Located

  • Security camera app

Below is a video of the actual bi-fold doors in operation

We have three completed model buildings at an offsite location. Please contact us for a tour.

MonSTORE Garages

Under Construction

Construction continues at a furious pace. Grading and concrete is in, steel building support members have been staged and are onsite. Completion this summer. Taking deposits on the first 15 units at pre completion discounted prices.

Security at its Best

We take security very seriously here. Multiple cameras located throughout the property. Each viewable through our App that allows 24 x 7 viewing from your smart phone. Replaying of events up to 3 months ago is also featured. .

Full Unit Width Bi-Fold Doors

Each unit will have our unique Bi-Fold doors, allowing for maximum easy access to your garage. Each door spans the entire width of your garage, with a built in man door. All doors are motor controlled.