Half Bath Plumbed

Most garages are pre plumbed with half baths. Some smaller units excluded.

24 Hour Security

CCTV security cameras with smart phone viewing, along with access controlled gates provide the ultimate in security.

Bigger Than Big

Garages starting at 650 to 5400 sq ft allow for monsterous storage of your vehicles.

Interesting facts - Eucalytpus at Beaumont (Just for comparison)

  • 59% of owners own more than one garage
  • 60% of owners are more than 50 minutes away
  • 90% of garages are used for RV storage
  • The #1 highest priority - Security
  • The #2 highest priority - Large Doors
  • The #1 complaint - No one is here
  • The #1 compliment - No one is here

The number one most common comment...

"I wish I had purchased a bigger garage."

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MonSTORE Garages, Private Garage Condominiums

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A collection of 45 Huge Garage condominums under construction now, with completion expected this summer.

Imagine your own storage condo where you can tinker, wrench, store vehicles of all sizes with room to spare. Come and go as you please, do pretty much what you want, when you want. Add a loft, custom flooring, TV, air conditioning, kegger, pretty much whatever you want. After all, it's yours.

Turn the dollars you spend on rent, into an asset class investment. In previous storage condominium projects, over 40% return on their investment over three years was common. Further, as of this writing (March of 2018), not one person at Eucalyptus at Beaumont, (storage condos in Beaumont, built by Ted Deits) have paid a single cent. All units originally purchased, and later sold, all yieled a profit to the owners, after all costs of ownership. That is a powerful testament to how this fairly new concept has performed.

MonSTORE Garages is being built and marketed by two seasoned Self Storage and Storage Condominiuim developers. We have the experience and knowledge to build what Garage Condominium owners want. All of our experience is being brought forward and included into MonSTORE Garages.

One thing we have learned, Bigger is better.

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