Construction Progress

Or Lack Thereof

Updated September 11th, 2018

Soils Compaction 100%
Grading 100%
Concrete Pads 100%
Sewer 60%
Exterior Block Walls 80%
Steel Erection 60%
Electrical 0%
Electrical Meters 0%
Roofing 0%
Siding 0%
On site water 0%
Paving 0%
Landscaping 30%
Exterior Lighting 0%
Entrance Gates 0%
Occupancy 0%

September 11th, 2018 update

We are getting ever closer to completion most everyday. The walls, which have been our nemssis for months and months are nearing 100% completion. Since the walls are being hand built, block by block, all we can do wait for completion. To be honest, it is like watching paint dry. The end result will certainly be worth it as the walls are straight, strong, and true.

On another front, the financing options will be avialable in about a week. The initial terms will be posted on this website soon. We are just now wrapping up the financing plans with the lender now. We are also sourcing SBA 504 loans, requiring only 10% down, with 25 year amortizations. This type of loan requires you have an established business. While MonSTORE Garages does not allow a business to operate in the property per sa, we do allow storage "ancillary items" to your business, i.e., records storage, material or supplies storage etc. It might be worth looking into.

Next update in about a week or so.