Construction Progress

Or Lack Thereof

Updated May 14th, 2018

Soils Compaction 100%
Grading 100%
Concrete Pads 100%
Sewer 60%
Exterior Block Walls 50%
Steel Erection 10%
Electrical 0%
Electrical Meters 0%
Roofing 0%
Siding 0%
On site water 0%
Paving 0%
Landscaping 0%
Exterior Lighting 0%
Entrance Gates 0%
Occupancy 0%

Block wall

Construction continues on the exterior block wall. While it seems to be taking forever to get done, you have to remember that wall is 22' tall. It is just going to take time. The wall extends to the entire perimeter of the project. Can't ask for a stronger support wall for all of the steel slated to go as soon as the exterior wall is completed.

Blocks and more blocks

The materials for the block wall were deliverered today. Just about as far as you can see. Nothing but block. It is going to take some time to construct this wall, block by block, one by one.

Concrete shoes

Today we did a massive pour of concrete for the pads. We have concrete trucks going in and out all day long. It was monsterous undertaking. In the end, it looks fantastic. Smooth, clean and strong. Lots of rebar and vapor barrier.

Phase one sales SOLD OUT. Next release will be June 1st, 2018

All of our first phase pre sales are sold out.We will release 15 units for pre sale on June 1st, 2018. 760-318-1110