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    Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Below are answers to the more commonly asked questions. Please enquire if your question is not answered here.

Yes. The ownership is just the same as a residential condominium. You own the land and the building, fee simple and every garage comes with title insurance paid by the seller
The doors are a bi-fold style door, commonly used on aircraft hangers. These doors are really heavy duty and reliable. They are motor controlled, and span the entire width of your garage. Those with parking anxiety can relax. Lots of room to pull in. All doors have a height of 13'6" to 14' depending on floor slope and garage orientation. .
Yes there will be. This early in the construcrion phase, we don't have an exact amount yet. Expect somewhere between $75 to $150 per month, depending on the size of the unit. Probably about .10 per square ft per month. The monthly fees pay for landscaping, water, common area electricity, facilities maintenance, insurance and common area lighting.
Yes, there are some restrictions. Noise levels, pollutants, fire hazards, outside storage etc. Frankly, nothing more than common sense items. RV's, cars, ATV, Dune Buggies Boats, Go Carts, etc. In other words, if your vehicle is "fun" it is allowed in this project. You may also store household, commercial, business items. Commercial vehicles are not allowed, i.e., Tractors, dump trucks, graders etc., especially those without rubber tires. Of course, before you actually purchase a unit, a complete legal version of the CC&R's will be provided to you as required by law.
Yes. Part of phase two.
Yes. The HOA will provide both fire and liability insurance. The contents are the responsibility of the owner. If you have an insurance policy on your RV for instance, the comprehensive portion of your policy covers your RV.
Very often, your Homeowners insurance from you home, can be "Extended" to your storage unit. Many Homeowners policies do this without charge, or at a very minimal cost. They also can extend liabililty coverage as well. Check with your insurance provider.
Each unit will be individually metered. When you buy your unit, you will sign up for individual electrical metering You will then receive a bill every three months for usage.
The sub panel in each unit is rated for 100 up to 150 amps. There will be multiple duplex outlets though the unit, along with a 50 amp RV style plug.
Yes. Many of the units can be combined to create a larger space. Please inquire as to which units can be combined.
We used the turning radius of a semi to figure that one out. As it turns out, 60' is optimum, so that is our drive width.
Without question, the answer is no.
Yes. All units are ready to accept either air conditioning or swamp coolers. The ceilings are insulated to R-38 to help control the inside temperature.
You can certainly store items assoicated with a business, but operating the business out of a unit is not allowed.
Yes, without question. In designing these units, I had that purpose in mind. I live in a Condominium project, and there are stiff restrictions on using your garage for anything but parking a car in it. How nice, I thought, if I could create a space for people like myself, to go in and tinker with my car, boat, rv etc.
I see no reason why not. That is one of the driving forces behind this project. I like to call it "ManLand". A place to go and tinker.
Yes. many of the units are pre plumbed for a half bathroom (toilet and sink). If you wish to build out the bathroom, you can do it yourself, or we can do it for you.
Yes. there is a clubhouse. Wet bar, pool table, restrooms, refrigerator, microwave, ample seating.
Yes, we have financing available, both from our bank. or through private financing. See our finance page HERE for details.
Yes. There are no restrictions in renting out your unit.
Without question yes. Security is a top priority as far as I am concerned. I am certain there will be some valuable items stored in this community. Security cameras to cover all the common area, as well as at the entrance to the facility. All activity will be recorded on a DVR, as well as anyone entering or leaving the project. Each owner will have his or her own security code and access keys. Additionally, Owners will have the option of viewing the security cams live via the internet.
We own the storage facility next door, and there is a live in manager for that facility. It is likley that person may act as our night time manager.
Yes. The tallest RV allowed in California is 13'6". Our doors will have a clear height of 13'6" to 14'. No problem there.
The units come pre wired for an alarm system.
Yes. Remember, you own this project. You can access the property any time you wish, including holidays.