Not-So-Live Construction Cam

Hang on...The live cam will be up in a few days.

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Updated June 23rd, 2018

July 16th, 2018 update

Moving along well now, and picking up the pace. The frames for some of the garages doors are on site now, waiting to be hung. The east wall will be the first to receive the doors. Pictured are the door frames only. The door skin will be installed once the frames are hung in place. Once the roof is on the east building, the doors will be installed. Look for doors to become visible in the next two weeks.

The north wall only has a few rows of block before it is completed in about a week. Once that wall is completed, the steel will be erected. We have turned the corner and have just started the west wall. Look for that wall to take about 30 days to be finished.
The front of the property has been prepped for landscaping, but until we have water, the landscaping will have to wait.

Next update in about a week.