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Updated January 16th, 2020

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January 16th, 2020

Full Speed Ahead!!

I have a very positive report as we seem to be firing on all cylinders now. December was a total disaster as most of the crew simply vanished, and our suppliers pretty much closed up shop by the middle of the month. The result being virtually nothing was accomplished. We should have expected the shut down, but we are all pretty naïve, thinking that the crew, like us wanted this project finished. Oh well, lesson learned.

So, as of last week and this week we have a full crew on- hand and we are making the final push towards completion. We are finishing up the fire system upgrade and will be pressure testing the system on Monday. The test takes 24 hours, so we expect completion on Tuesday. Once we complete the testing, the final concrete gets poured. You can see the forms going in now in the video. Once we pour the concrete then SCE moves in to power up the property.

The clubhouse starting next week, gets the siding installed, insulation, drywall, and all the windows installed. We picked out the clubhouse colors yesterday, (see video). We still have a few garages that need the interiors painted. That will be accomplished next week.

For the most part, with just a few exceptions, the garages are completed, with only some minor adjustments to the doors and installation of the final electrical connections.


We have announced the date for the limited release of ten garages in phase two at pre construction prices, which will be Monday, January 20th, 2020 at 9:00 AM. This is a private release to only those on our email list. Scroll down and sign up on the form to receive pricing and garage sizes.

Those of you wanting air conditioning are advised to contact our vendor as soon as you can. Here is his contact information -

Desert Air Conditioning

Todd Shaw
590 Williams Road
Palm Springs CA 92264

The phase two site plan is ready for your viewing pleasure. This phase will be primarily smaller units, with a few select units well suited for you car guys with just a car or two to store. There is a growing list of clients with high interest in this next phase. I have a strong feeling this phase, once released will sell out quickly. Initially, this phase will only be released in limited numbers only to those on our email list. If you are not on the list, please scroll below to register on our simple form. You will be notified of the pre release date via email only.

Next update in about a week.

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