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Updated August 17, 2019

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August 17th, 2019 update

We have done more in one week than in the last two months!!

  • 1. Three truckloads of drywall has arrived
  • 2. Lots of new steel to finish the wall partitions
  • 3. Insulation has arrived. R-38 going into the ceiling now
  • 4. Drywall installation begins Monday.
  • 5. Electrical is about 40% completed
  • 6. Concrete drives about 90% completed
  • 7. Clubhouse / Office starts up again by the end of this week.
Well, this was a nice surprise. We have done more work this week, than in the last two months. I was told the new crew was going to make short work of what is left to be done. Well, they are doing it.

The R-38 insulation in the ceiling is remarkable. Even with the door open, you can tell the difference. Much cooler. We have only completed one unit, but we have only just begun the insulation on Friday. The electrical is zipping along, with about 40% completion so far.

The concrete drives looks like they will be wrapped up next week, with the final pour being the driveway leading into the property. All of the other drives in front of the units are already completed.

The phase two site plan is about ready to be released for your viewing pleasure. This phase will be primarily smaller units, with a few select units well suited for you car guys with just a car or two to store. There is a growing list of clients with high interest in this next phase, (to date - 1,100+.) I have a strong feeling this phase, once released will sell out quickly. Initially, this phase will only be released in limited numbers only to those on our email list. If you are not on the list, please scroll below to register on our simple form. You will be notified of the pre release date via email only.

Next update in about a week.

Ted, Sales Zombie

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