Tahoe / Minden

Private Resort Inspired Garage Condominiums

Built by Geeks, Owned by Humans

For the last thirteen years, we have been building and marketing Garage Condominiums in key areas of California. In fact we were the originators of Garage Condominiums with our first project in Beaumont California, Eucalyptus at Beaumont, completed in 2009. Since then we have made our presence known in Palm Springs California, Coachella California, Prescott Arizona, and now Minden Nevada.

It has always been our passion to create "out of the box" properties, while keeping a keen eye towards the utilitarian aspects of condominium storage. I guess you could say we "Geek Out" on our projects.

What is a Garage Condominium?

Think of these as Self Storage on steroids. Garages from 400 square feet up to about 3,000 square feet. Additionally, you own your garage condo, just like any other Nevada real estate. You receive a Deed, Title Insurance, and the transaction is conducted through title or escrow. You pay property taxes, and an HOA fee of about .10 cents per square foot, per month, or about $60 per month on a 600 square foot garage. Additionally, you can access your garage at any time, and customize it to exactly what you want.

Why Buy Storage?

Fair question. So, why rent storage? You will never see a return on your investment. Your monthly fees are certain to go up and up. You are limited to the access hours set by the facility owner, and you are very limited as to what you can do inside your storage locker if anything at all. What if your needs required a large garage greater the 1,000 square feet? Your options are pretty much non-existent, or at the very least very limited.

Our garage condominiums have enjoyed past performance of 10-12% appreciation for the last 10 years, year after year. In fact, out of our approximately 450 garage condominiums, not one person has paid a penny to own their condo. Everyone who has bought and subsequently sold their garage have realized all of their costs back, some with significant profits over and above their carrying costs. So, I'll ask again...Why are you renting your storage?

Garage Condominium Features Minden-Tahoe

The features are many. We will just touch on a few of the most notable features.

  • 24 hour access
  • Clubhouse
  • Vehicle wash area
  • Dump station
  • Chronic security
  • Insulated garages
  • Drywall
  • 100 AMP electrical supply
  • HVAC systems
  • Optional Mezzanines
  • Epoxy floors
  • LED lighting
  • Automatic doors
  • Phone based security cameras
  • Email notification of garage door access

Security is Number One

It’s impossible to ignore the fact that security is paramount on the minds of anybody storing their precious items. No longer will you have to worry about "transient" people who have no vested interest in the facility lurking around.. All of the owners are just that... owners.They do have a vested interest in their property, therefore the transient clientele is non existent.

A Garage Condo for Everyone

No matter what your needs are we have a garage to fit. From smaller garages to house a boat or single car, to garages that will swallow up the largest car collections along with an RV or two. All of our door heights will be 14' tall, with door widths from 12' up to 25'. Of course HVAC systems will be available for all garages, big or small.

It Just Makes Sense

Private, individually owned Garage Condominiums are challenging the traditional norm of rental self storage. In a world where it is becoming more difficult to find enclosed storage for your vehicles, the far greater challenge is controlling your costs and coordinating access to your garage based on someone's posted hours. Private ownership avoids all the above pitfalls giving you freedom, access, and control you desire.

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