Amenities Common to all Garages

Below are some of the amenties you can look forward to with your new Monstore Garages, Garage Condominium. As always, these are subject to change due to City, County, or local restrictions.

NEMA 1450 50 AMP Outlet

RV & Tesla

20 AMP Duplex Outlets

Quantity Depends on Garage Size

100 AMP Subpanel

Upgrades Available

Vehicle Wash Area

Dump Station Too

Interior 5/8' Drywall

Metal Framed, Not Wood



LED Interior Lighting

Quantity Depends on Garage Size

Mezzanines Standard

Garage Sizes

Garages sizes are always subject to change and modification. Below are some of the more common sizes asked for across our spectum of facilities. The dimensions are usable interior space. Garage interior heights will range from 22' to 24' (Sloping roof). All doors are 14' tall. The doors are generally an insulated sectional door. Mezzanines are standard in each garage. They provide about 30% additional storage area. The depth of the mezzanines are limited to one third the depth of the garage.


12' x 30'
480 Sq Ft
The perfect size to store a single boat or a car. Lots or room to add a lift.

10' wide by 14' tall doorway.

Mezzanine measures 12' wide by 10' deep, clear underneath height, 14'.

most popular

Emerald Bay

15' x 60'
1,200 Sq Ft
Well suited for the RV owners who wish to store their RV and a tow vehicle in the same garage. Also available in 50' depths.

Door measures 14' tall, by 14' wide.

Mezzanine measures 15' wide by 20' deep, with clear height underneath of 14'


24' x 30'
960 Sq Ft
Well suited for the storage of several cars side by side, or multiple boats.

Door height is 14' tall by 20' wide.

Mezzanine measures 24' wide (with a center support post) by 10' deep.


20' x 60'
1400 Sq Ft
A larger garage for the storage of multiple boats, cars, RV's or the perfect personal workshop. Also available in 50' depths.

Door height is 14' tall by 18' wide.
Mezzanine measures 20' wide (with a center support post) by 20' deep. Underneath is 14' clear

Dollar Point

12' x 60'
Pull Through, 720 Sq Ft
There will only be a few pull-throughs that have a door at each end of the garage. Since they are a pull through, no mezzanine will be installed.

Door width will be 10' wide by 14' tall.

Big Daddy


40' x 60'
3200 Sq Ft
The Big Daddy of this project. There will only be a few of these available. The mezzanine will have one center support, while the remainder of the foot print will be clear span.

Mezzanine will measure 40' wide by 20' deep.

The doors will be 16' wide (2 doors side by side.)

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