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When I first purchased a garage here, my expectations were that maybe I would get a small return on my investment. As of today,(2020), the value of my garage has doubled, far exceeding my original expectations. This has turned out to be one of the best investments I have ever made. I only wish I bought more than one. I highly recommend you take a hard look at the concept of Storage Condominiums.

Jerry, Palm Springs

These storage condos are top-notch. I keep my RV out of the elements now. I can see live videos of the facility making me feel safe that all is ok. The alarm system is state-of-the-art. I highly recommend storing boats and RVs here.

Harper - Mission Viejo

Best value for the price anywhere in the Socal, Arizona, Nevada area! The 71' wide all concrete driveways and the 100' long wash rack is simply unparalleled in the industry. As if 24 hour alarm (fire and burgler with email notifications) with remote viewing isn't enough the real jewel here is the Clubhouse which you have to see to believe! Picture a Beverly Hills Starbucks on steroids and your starting to get the idea. Very happy I bought here before they were sold out!!!

Fred - Anywhere, USA

Every Garage Condo is alarmed and monitored 24 x 7. All included in the HOA fee. Emailed alerts are sent to you instantly as your door is opened, or someone enters the property using your credentials.

Jerry, Palm Springs

As an investment, these have proven their worth. I originally bought one, then gradually purchased another 3 garages. Each of them have provided stable income, and continued value increase. The best part as being a landlord, there are no moving parts to fix. No plumbing, drywall, or carpet to clean. A quick sweep and we are ready for the next renter. Perfect.

Dennis, Calabasas

I am currenbtly renting here, but as soon as a garage becomes available, I am a buyer. The main problem is these sell so quickly, I have missed the last four unts that came up for sale. I really love the security and the ease of pulling into the garage with the 70' drives. This storage facility is one of the best. I have never seen anything like it.

Toby, Coachella CA

You access is not limited, unlike rentals. Come and go as you please. Ample exterior lighting lights the entire property for you via motion dectector LED exterior lighting.

Caston, Beaumont

These garage or storage condos are great. No moving parts, they have appreciated a ton, and makes my life som much easier. The cost to own is very small, once you get past the initial purchase cost.

Ken - Banning

The Palm Springs property sold out before I could get one. I ended up at the Coachella property. I am glad I did. My garage has gone up about $60,000 in one year alone (6/2022). As an investment you cannot beat these. As high quality storage, nothing is better.

Moreen, Palm Springs

When I bought my first garage condo at Beaumont in 2010, I wondered if these would really take off. Well, they did and in a big way. I ended up with four garage condos, three I rent, one I use. The value of these have exceeded my wildest expectations.

Boyd, Beaumont

I never heard of garage condos until about 5 years ago. I thought it was a good idea, so I bought one at Beauont. I wish I would have bought 10. You know...20-20 hindsight.

Allen, Hemet

I ove these storage condos. The are easy to maintain. They keep my car collection safe and clean. The HOA dues are very reasnable, and should I decide to rent my garage, there are lines of people wanting to rent one.

Baker, Redlands

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