Conceptual Designs

Here are some conceptual designs for the Tahoe - Minden project. We expect to build about 70,000 square foot under roof. The building height is about 24' sloping to the front to about 22'. The 24' height allows for the comfortable placement of the mezzanine inside the garages, leaving about 8' of headroom if you are standing on the mezzanine. The mezzanine clearance will be about 14' so an RV can park under the structure.

The garage sizes can be found here --> along with the amenities in each garage.

The clubhouse will end up at about 1800 square feet, with bathrooms inside along with facilities for meetings, parties, or rallies. The garages will not have water or sewer conncetions, since these are not for habitation.

We will be posting more pictures and elevations as we move through the design process in the very near future.


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