Two Minutes = $2,000

Two minutes is all it will take. That's assuming you "hunt and peck". You get a $2,000 discount, we get information that will help us meet your needs. Fair?

$2,000 Garage Condominium Discount

First off, we do not spam, sell, or in any way violate your trust with your email address. After all, we just met and we only want to put our best foot forward. All of our emails do have an unsubscribe button, if you feel the need. There are only three questions that do not require much thought, and like in school, these are all multiple choice. Unlike school, there are no wrong answers.

But seriously, the answers to the questions will help us design and build a facilty that meets the needs of the masses. Besides, you will get a $2,000 discount on the garage of your choice once completed. Heck, that's like a million dollars an hour.